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Our Mission Statement:

Valparaiso Volunteers was built by regular individuals freely giving their resources to enrich our community! By working together we can make our community a better place. Valparaiso is a filled with outgoing caregivers striving to improve our world through the individual application of skills and interests toward a common goodwill.

Our aim is to encourage the community to bond together in a positive joyful way. The Valparaiso Volunteer Website was created to provide collaborative pages all in one place. We believe everyone should have access to basic information on volunteering regardless of previous experience. We hope everyone is able to find new groups and potential friends to share hidden skills and a new enthusiasm for life. What does it take to change our community for the better?

Volunteers don’t need special training or personality traits-only their unique and treasured motivation to begin!

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Earthtones Conference

The second annual Earthtones Conference will be held at Valparaiso University. On March 23rd 8:30am-4pm students, professors and the community will come together to discuss our environment. Here at Valparaiso Volunteers we know a healthy environment and thriving world is an important component of volunteering. All day volunteer speakers will present panels, discussions, posters and … Continue reading Earthtones Conference

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