Last week I played a game with Valparaiso University! Thanks to all the people who didn’t know their volunteer activities were part of this game. Your service showed in this Volunteer BINGO game.

Valparaiso University staff and students shined!

Of course this is one person’s perspective. I’m sure I didn’t hear or see many boxes that could have been checked off. Wanna play? Check off the boxes below and see if you can check them all off!

First person to respond with BINGO gets an honorable mention next week!

Blank Board:

Thank you for playing with us!
BINGO board created in Word.

Charity Benefits Me

It’s that time of year again! After the joy of unwrapping Christmas presents, the pricey textbook check comes due again!

This year I price matched my textbooks at a local bookstore and compared it to Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile donates a portion of your purchase to charity for each transaction you make.

My local bookstore cart added up to $161.49

Amazon Smile (including free shipping) was $119.86

My charity earned $0.23 at no cost to me.

That means I saved $41.63! I gave $0.23 = A quarter more for both of us!

That adds up to an easy way to donate to charity of my choice, plus save money for college. What did your textbooks do to change the world?

New Year’s Resolution

Hello all,

Happy New Year! Congratulations to everyone who picked a new year’s resolution. If you haven’t picked out one it isn’t too late!

Once a week this year I am going to be extra nice to someone in my life! This week I wrote a nice long text to a parent. It wasn’t anything big but it made them smile! Somedays that is all that matters.

Instead of one big decision that I might not live up to, I’m picking something realistic for me! A single action once a week to make the world better.

Wanna hear some ideas:

  • Visit a friend who isn’t feeling well
  • Stop by an old Professor’s door to say thanks
  • Make an effort to open the door for strangers all week long
  • Wave hello to my neighbors…even early in the morning
  • Look into at a new place to volunteer
  • Maybe try volunteering somewhere new
  • Write a blog post on something really difficult
  • Buy a cupcake at a fundraiser

Maybe once a month is a better fit or even once a season! Whatever good I can do helps! Want a quick solution to this week’s good deed?

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Happy New Year!