New Year’s Resolution

Hello all,

Happy New Year! Congratulations to everyone who picked a new year’s resolution. If you haven’t picked out one it isn’t too late!

Once a week this year I am going to be extra nice to someone in my life! This week I wrote a nice long text to a parent. It wasn’t anything big but it made them smile! Somedays that is all that matters.

Instead of one big decision that I might not live up to, I’m picking something realistic for me! A single action once a week to make the world better.

Wanna hear some ideas:

  • Visit a friend who isn’t feeling well
  • Stop by an old Professor’s door to say thanks
  • Make an effort to open the door for strangers all week long
  • Wave hello to my neighbors…even early in the morning
  • Look into at a new place to volunteer
  • Maybe try volunteering somewhere new
  • Write a blog post on something really difficult
  • Buy a cupcake at a fundraiser

Maybe once a month is a better fit or even once a season! Whatever good I can do helps! Want a quick solution to this week’s good deed?

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Happy New Year!

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