Earthtones Conference

The second annual Earthtones Conference will be held at Valparaiso University. On March 23rd 8:30am-4pm students, professors and the community will come together to discuss our environment.

Here at Valparaiso Volunteers we know a healthy environment and thriving world is an important component of volunteering. All day volunteer speakers will present panels, discussions, posters and interactive presentations. There is no cost but your valuable input is needed.

This year our founder will be presenting. Check out how volunteering and community service really does change the world. In addition, there will be free food, a snake show and prizes. Come for an hour, or stay all day to hear some great talks.

The goal of the conference is to talk about environmental issues and find solutions. From the innovative solutions to the daily struggles of sustainability this group will show you new ideas and ways to help out.

“We hope that everyone who attends both shares their knowledge and learns from others’ diverse areas of expertise and experience,”

Rachel Sims ’19, Earthtones president.

To join Valparaiso Volunteers click here to register.

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