Service driven positions give an individual the opportunity to work with non-profit organizations while receiving an income. For individuals without spare time or spare income this builds in community service lead work. Many volunteers start their journey while providing volunteer hours for college applications, internships or community service. Developing a sense of the community can lead to unique and rewarding volunteer paths or even paid careers. Often paid employees at non-profits volunteer during their time off or volunteer at other non-profits.

To find service positions use the easy step process below:

  1. Create a Resume. Make sure to indicate previous volunteer and career work. List skills or hobbies that apply. Students may find the Valparaiso University Career Center a good place to start work on a building a resume.
  2. Search for positions or organizations: the Valparaiso University Career FairValparaiso University Linked In, Valparaiso University GoinGlobal, Valparaiso University HandshakeMonster, Indeed, Valparaiso New via NWI Times, or Valparaiso Events Jobs.
  3. Students can also intern for course credit through Valparaiso University: Valparaiso University Internship.