Join me in pledging to volunteer after Thanksgiving

After spending the turkey day with family I reflected on my friends working at shelters and nursing homes. Many places have a rush of volunteers for the holidays, food drives and donating presents for the holiday season. It makes us feel good to share. Many people start volunteering or perhaps donate that extra can of pumpkin pie filling.  

Shelters and nursing homes are open all year. Why not pledge to volunteer this President’s Day? What plans do you have for next April? Maybe you can pencil in a date to share your gratitude. 

A day of caring can be a team building or family building activity. Fraternities and Sororities often volunteer together because caring together brings us closer to those we care about. Reap the benefits year round.

On my birthday I asked my social media friends to donate a dollar to a charity of my choice. By the end of the day I not only had a wall full of birthday wishes but over a hundred dollars donated. It was the best virtual present and I loved it. 

Giving back grows gratitude!  

I pledge this May I will take a day to volunteer at my local National Park! Even if I only pick up some trash on the beach I’ll do my part! 

Thanks for joining us at VV Team for a moment of gratitude this Thanksgiving!